Advantages of using poly mailers

Advantages of using poly mailers

Advantages of using poly mailers 

Many advantages are related with the use of poly mailers in shipping products. It is a better shipping solution than using other packaging materials available in the market.

·       Poly mailers are cheaper solution than kraft and corrugated boxes for shipping non-fragile items.

The primary benefit of using poly mailers is its cost-effectiveness. They are efficient in transporting non-fragile items at an attractive price. As a result, companies can save more money on shipping solutions than possible with kraft paper and corrugated shipping solutions.

·       Weather-proof

Polybags are resistant to moisture and water. So, there is no danger of getting items damaged when exposed to water, humidity, and dust after packing. They are obviously a better choice for corrugated boxes that get damaged coming in contact with water. Further, these poly bags remain unaffected in average temperature.

·       Take less space in storage and transportation

Polybags are thin and lightweight. They take up less space in storage while shipping to distant places. Consequently, it decreases the cost of shipping items through poly bags than other packaging solutions. The bags have a peel and seal closure to use in packing goods efficiently.

·       Strong, durable, and resistant to tear

Goods may be torn apart when shipped with soft packaging materials. That is why e-commerce companies prefer to choose poly mailers as they are strong and sturdy. The quality polyethylene doesn’t get torn easily in shock and twisting in the transportation of goods. So, they are reliable and perfect for distant shipping solutions.

·       Reusable and environment-friendly

The concerns of environmental pollution are discarded with the availability of reusable and biodegradable poly bags. Most poly mailers are recyclable and reusable after the first use. Even many companies reuse these bags to create something creative. In this way, many packaging companies are allaying environmental pollution concerns and fears. 

·       Perfect for shipping non-fragile items

Where to buy the best quality poly shipping bags in the US?

eSupplyStore provides UPS and FedEx approved shipping materials to companies across the country. Contact our dedicated Customer Service Rep at 866-437-8775 for your company shipping supplies need.

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Where are product dimensions listed?

Where are product dimensions listed?

·       Product title:

Many items are named by their dimensions (ie: w00bm250case -#00 - 5x10'' Kraft Paper Bubble Mailers 250ct - Self-Seal " or   Part Number: w.2-101010 - 10x10x10'' Boxes 50ct). The order in which the dimensions appear will depend on the product category.

·       Product Description:

Both inside and outside dimensions will be available for some items within the product chart.

·       Product Detail Description:

Product-specific information is available when viewing the description. The inside dimensions are also provided.

What order are product dimensions listed?

The order in which the dimensions appear will depend on the product category. Here are some popular examples:

Box dimensions appear as: Length x Width x Height (listed dimensions are always inside dimensions).

Bag dimensions appear as: Width x Length (the width is always the dimension of the bag opening).
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Advantages of using Bubble Mailers in 2022

Advantages of using Bubble Mailers in 2022

Advantages of using Bubble Mailers in 2022

Bubble mailers are the best form of packaging materials to ship items as delicate as CDs, DVDs, Books, Magazines, Jewelries, Electronics items, documents, clothing, soft toys, etc.. We offer tier volume discount including Wholesale pricing. 

There several types of bubble mailers suiting all purposes. Many bubble mailers are 100% recyclable too. We are one of the best bubble mailers wholesale/Retailer in the US. 

We offer many varieties of bubble mailers. 
 • Eco-lite Bubble Mailers– Available in quite a different size, they are very lightweight and help a lot in saving money for postage. They are water and moisture resistant and are recyclable. 

• XPAK Poly Bubble Mailers– They are quite strong and provide the best cushioning for any merchandise kept inside it. The clear outer exterior looks quite good. You can get them in any size. They keep your products safe from water and moisture. They are even resistant to tearing, which gives a double layer of protection. 

• Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers– They have a very good feature as they have an expandable bottom. They are made from polyethylene film. You can safely transport items in bulk like clothing materials, stuffed toys, blankets, etc. 

• Color Poly Bubble Mailers (Glamour) – They are available in beautiful colors, and you can choose any size of the bubble mailer suiting your requirement. The outer layer of these bulk bubble mailers is puncture-resistant and waterproof. You can easily recycle it, and with color poly bubble mailers, you would not need any gift wrappers because they look so good. It is very easy to pack items in these bubble mailers as they have the peel-seal feature.

• Kraft Bubble Lite Mailers– They are made of strong Kraft paper on the outside and bubble wrap on the inside. They are strong but quite lightweight. 

 Use our high-quality bubble mailers and you will be stress-free that your items will be safely delivered. Bulk bubble mailers are the most suitable option for Manufacturing companies because they help in cutting costs while shipping items in bulk. We offer wholesale price. Contact our customer service at 1- 866-437-8775
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